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Respectfully, its none of my business its just that many of us are not sure that some members realize they are making a rookie mistake by replying to very old new member non-technical posts.

It could be they're just not watching the dates of the posts but it comes off looking like a non-participative way of grabbing post-count for stars. The problem is it doesn't add anything to the forum, which is what we are all about.

Its okay if they proceed in that fashion, no problem, except it gums up the works and annoys lots of members you'll want to interface with as the years pass.

By the way, thanks to our buddy RatPhlem for trying to show how it comes off looking, he's had me giggling for a few days now with his crafty display of finding ancient new member posts to respond to (lol). But even that is growing old and we respectfully hope that new members will partcipate.

We learn from everyone. This machine (yes I mean the Warrior lol) is in our blood. If they watch post dates and participate we all win. Then your stars will mean something to you, too.

Now I'll shut up and head to the Tech forum to see what's new and exciting!



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