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First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daren and I am from Edmonton, Canada. This week I will pick up my new 2007 Warrior. My early riding years were sport bikes and for the last 6 years a 2000 1100 Honda Aero. I am looking forward to the return to power while still having a cruiser based bike.

My buddy Jason who has been a member here ("J") for a few years and who is also a Warrior owner suggested this site to me. I have been looking and reading for the last week finding ways to spend money LOL.

By next weekend I will have a few initial mods/additions to do (Barons BAK, Power Commander, lower cowl, fatty bars, Samson pipes, and the tailight mod if I my LED's arrive).

Anyway, great site guys and girls. I know I have just scratched the surface in a week of reading. Great knowing there is such a good knowledge base here when needed.

And ya I know the rules, no pics = no bike. LOL, I am working on it!

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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