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New Member with Questions

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Hi members. Paid for the membership quite sometime ago, but haven't had time to a participant until recently. Now I got questions...

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Plant
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Just my 2 cents... I've never used yamalube..
I've had the bike now for 7 years and she's got close to 50k on her. There are numerous posts about oils. Some have used the rotella diesel oil, others have used the synthetic v twin 20w50, others have used some other type/brand. I even used Walmart "quicksilver" synthetic one time because it was on clearance and got 5qt for less than $20.

Read up on the posts, read the manual for the service grade requirement and go from there. As long as the oil meets the grade you are fine to choose your favorite. Also read the posts on HOW to do the oil change in these bikes, we have 2 drain locations and a specific fill and level check procedure.
Good luck and congratulations on the scoot!
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