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New Member with Questions

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Hi members. Paid for the membership quite sometime ago, but haven't had time to a participant until recently. Now I got questions...

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When shopping for a cruiser (my last bike was a 76 FLH rigid/shovel) last summer I knew I wanted something big and stumbled upon the Warrior. A little research showed that it was not a common bike, and I knew I was going to struggle to get parts and upgrades! So, here I am now, starting the season and I need to do some maintenance, and my question is, do I have to use Yamalube? or is the 10/40 just fine? I've also discovered that I need to do the clutch because it's slipping halfway through the torque curve in 4th and 5th. Also, it's squealing using it for compression braking! So I've ordered the Barnett kit.
It's quite possible you have an overly loose drive pulley belt causing the squealing under deceleration!
Suggest you remove the front pulley cover and inspect the (2) UHW slider rollers for signs of contact with the back of the pulley belt :)

Great idea! Thank you!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts