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Been monitoring the forum for sometime, as I have been looking for a Warrior for about a year. Finally bought a new 06 Midnight yesterday. Will pick it up in a couple days if the temps moderate a little. I also have a 99 R* that has HC pistons, cams, adj pushrods, BAK, Dyna ignition,coils, and wires, 2into 1 Bubs, and a bunch of other mods. Looking forward to doing just a couple of mods to the Warrior. Maybe a BAK, PCIII, and a after market 2into 1. Need to study the mods section in depth before I decide what to do. This site has a lot of information. I am a member of the Roadstar Riders on Delphi. Probably be spending quite a bit of time on here now.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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