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Well, I found my 'winter project' a little early this year. You see, back about 25 years ago I bought my second bike, a 1985 Honda Nighthawk with 18k miles for $1,800. I loved that bike but only had it for two or three years. I started looking at them on c-list and saw this one listed and thought, "Why not?"

Well, I picked her up Saturday morning. $400. The seat is not in the pics, but I'll have to replace the vinyl on it as there is one tear about 3" long in it.
My goal is to have her road ready (and purdy) by March of 2020.

I realize she looks like she's in rough shape, but she only has 14k miles and everything seems to be there and in decent mechanical condition. Right now I'm dealing with the gas tank... she was in storage for a few years and the inside of the gas tank is disgusting.

Oh, and I hooked up a battery to her just to make sure she would turn over... Nothing. I could see the connections to the starter were recently cleaned up which I assume was the owner trying to get it started before selling it. Anyways my voltmeter said nothing was getting to the starter. I traced the wires from the starter and just before the relay was a small wire that was cut (actually ripped). I made that connection and she spun freely.

Let the journey begin!
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