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Let's try this again. Looks like there may be a little mis-understanding with the other thread that got locked.

We would like to request a sub-forum in the Warrior section for members here to post LINKS to their own Warrior videos that they have hosted elsewhere. We're not requesting this site to HOST the videos. Just a common place for members to post links to their RSW videos.

There are a lot of cool Warrior related videos, it would be nice to have all the RSW video threads in one sub forum location. The RSW videos will be easier to find.

The site search feature brings up a lot of unrelated links, when we are just looking for Warrior specific videos.

All other non-RSW video can be posted as they are now. But, having a Warrior ONLY video section would be cool! [8D]

Members here can post their videos on:
[*]GOOGLE Video: REDHORSE rating: *****
[*]Putfile: REDHORSE rating: ****
[*]Rapid Share: REDHORSE rating: ** [/list]

I highly recommend Google Video to our members!

TIP: If you do upload videos to Google Video, we should add [RSW] to the title when you upload it. It will make searching for [RSW] videos easier in Google. I will edit my videos, to include "[RSW]"...that's what's nice about that site. You can edit the description anytime.

Thanks Carknee! [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]

Anyone else think this is a good idea? Post a comment!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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