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Yamaha Factory Transmission Recall kit with Gaskets.

[Sold]Yamaha Factory CPS Recall Kit with Gaskets.[batch price for remaining items has been reduced]

OEM take-off piston heads and rings:
Spare stock piston rings (2 kits) 5PX-11610-00-00.
Spare stock pistons 5PX-11631-00-00 w/pins 4WM-11633-00-00

OEM take-off valve springs and pushrods.

These take-off trans gears:
Spare stock transmission main axle 5PX-17411-A0-00
Spare stock 30T 5th gear pinion 5PX-17151-00-00
Spare stock 31T 4th gear pinion 5PX-17141-20-00
Spare stock 29T 3rd gear wheel 4NK-17231-01-00
Spare stock 24T 5th gear wheel 5PX-17251-00-00

(Ignore other boxes in pictures of my spare parts drawers)

Shipping extra at cost:
Kit: 20x14x5 and 8 pounds.
All Other: 11x9x6 and 11 pounds.
Ship from: 89436