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Hi all.

I'll start off by stating that I do not currently own one of these bikes, but they are my favorite.

I've never owned any street bike before, but am wanting one.

I've owned several motorcycles growing up : XR80, XL100, '87 CR125, but then I switched to four wheels when I was 14 and bought a brand new 1996 Yamaha Warrior 350 ATV. Then when I got my first job I bought a 2003 Cannondale Speed 440 ATV. I have since sold the C'dale and only have the Warrior. Havn't rode the quad for probably 6 months now.

Moving away from home recently is really killing me (I'm a country boy who has moved to a more urban area). I left my quad back home and I know this summer I won't be able to stand being couped up. I figure getting a bike to cruise on would be a great new adventure for me. I'm a Yamaha lover and being 24 and not a fan of the crotch rockets, the Warrior is the one street bike of Yamaha's that really appeals to me.

I have a few questions about these bikes and I want to learn.

I'm 6'7", 275#, will this bike be too small, ergonomically for me? Will I feel cramped up on it?

I know it will have plenty of power, probably too much for a newb like me.

I have on major hang up onthese bikes, and that is the rear fender. I wish that it wasn't just sticking straight out there. I really like the looks of this bike.

I guess html code is not allowed, here is the link:

I know that I don't want to spend nearly what this guy has, but would like to do a rear fender like that. My initial mods would be that style rear fender, those pipes, and some cool bars.

I'll do some digging around on here to see what I can find out about such mods, (I'm sure they have been discussed a gazillion times and a simple search will yield good results, right?!)

Anyway, thanks for your time.

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First of all, welcome. And to answer some of your questions,
I think you are about this guy's size.

That's CarKnee, the owner of this site. So you aren't too big for this bike. You will probably want to exent the front pegs with either new controls, or an extension kit. No biggie.


This is an example of a fender you can purchase. There are so many other members that got a fender blank, and made their own fender. Take a look at the gallery section of the site, you will see all the different rear fenders there are.

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Well that definitly is a nice example our bikes 54Warrior. The owner def has a couple grand in mods done but nothing outrageous.

I wouldnt necessarily call the Warrior "new rider friendly" but its not a hard bike to ride. I took a MSC class to get my license and rode smaller 700cc cruisers for a while before upgrading to the big boy. I just didnt trust myself at the time but looking back i dont think it would have made a difference for me.

As Ray mentioned, we have some big riders on the forum (some tall, most wide, and some both) and were all pretty comfy. If you have longer than a 32" inseam you might benefit from some new forward controls that move the pegs out a bit further but its probably not necessary.

Welcome to the forum and hope you DO get your Warrior.

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quote:Originally posted by motorace

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the bike search! You must really be from the boonies if you consider Lancaster an urban area! [/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]

Yes, used to live near Punxsutawney!!! Everyone knows where that is because of the stupid groundhog right?

Also, would have added this to my last post, is there an "edit" feature?NEVERMIND, FIGURED IT OUT!!!
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