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I just bought some V&H big shots for my bike. Should I wait until I am out of my break in period before I put them on?
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Should be fine. However, I think the transfer case oil gets changed as part of the 600 mile service. Since changing the oil requires taking off the exhaust you should be able to get your dealer to install your big shots for you... for free. Just an idea.

WELCOME to the 4m.
dont waste another minute of your life with that stock can change that pipe now!![/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]and welcome to the forum bro[8D]
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Welcome to the forum, no adjustments needed for those pipes. One thing you could do is if you can find a real cheap Dyno place, do a before and after, just for the fun of it.
Mine came right from the dealer with them installed. You'll be ok putting them on asap.
Welcome to the best **** forum on the web.
Put them on now! If they have to take them off, they can also re-check for leaks when they re-install it! If needed, you may want to see if they can also bump up your ECU for you while they have it too if youe are not going with a PC3.
The only drawback to the big shots is you will burn more fuel,the reason you burn more fuel is you can't help but wring the throttle just to hear them rumble![/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]
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This is the best **** forum on the web! Thanks for all the help. Spent the weekend installing the new mods. My mpg dropped and my neighbors probably hate me but who cares! The new exhaust sounds great. The bike is running fine but I will probably reset/change the ECU as suggested.

- V&H big shots
- lower cowl
- Arlen Ness mirrors
- Also had yami bars and exhaust powder coated, and badges removed

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Yeah, don't worry about MPG, as long as the bike looks and sounds great, and it does from where I'm sitting. Welcome to the family Brother.
That's the way, looks great, now I'm sure you are ready to do the next mod.
It was worth not waiting wasn't it. Looking good, The Big Shots look sick black!
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