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Hi everybody! Bought my first Warrior about a month ago. It is a model from 2003 which I think was the last year Yamaha imported them to Finland. Im exited to have it since it is not the most common bike around up here. The previous owner had done some tuning on it and it is in great shape.. I decided to get it painted dimmed black from the original grey and I think it turned out pretty OK. Hopefully Yamaha will start importing the Midnight Warrior to Europe, that would be my next pick..[/emoticons/emotion-1.gif].. Im sure I will enjoy this great site, and maybe get some ideas to use in my own bike.. At least I have something to do before spring, which is still a couple of moths away for us.. Br Veka

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Welcome Veikko,

Its nice to know there's a Warrior in Finland because if I make it back in the future then I will have someone else to visit! My work has taken me to Helsinki, Haikko, Hyvinka, Porvoo, Hameenlinna, and a few other fun places. Espoo is on my list for my next trip although there is no way to know when that might be. I hope to make a trip one April for the Espoo jazz festival plus I heard the car museum is worth seeing. Plus there is an area where all the homeowners have matching landscaping and it makes the area look amazing, or so I'm told.

I just returned in November 2007 from Hyvinka, Helsinki, Tallinn, and other places. In 2006 I was in Haikko, Helsinki, Porvoo, and other places. There has never been enough time to do what I want, but it is always fun.

I hope you will post pictures of your Warrior, good luck with your modifications, and have fun!

Br Mike

Right now I live in Oregon USA:
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