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Well bought the bike on May 20th and been on it ever since...this is a great bike...I have 4300 miles on it and have been from IL to Montreal to NY and back, even did a round of Lake Michigan...needless to say been having a blast..had my first flat tire yesterday though and have plugged it for now and will be searching for a replacement before the next long haul...just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for all the info....This site is great and so is the bike!!!![8D]

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Champaign? I live in Urbana [/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]

Heck, same town....we have to meet up and ride sometime. I'm out in east urbana, so you will often catch me doing rips on 130 south of town.

Do you go to the First Tuesday Motorcycle gathering? They are pretty cool when the turnout is good.

PM me or something.

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