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Newbie question: how much vibration is too much?

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Hi, guys, nice 4m here. I just got a used 02. This is my first cruiser (I've been riding sportsbikes and decided to cool just a bit).

I noticed very excessive (at least I think it is excessive) vibration right away, since I don't have any comparison with other cruisers, I don't know if this is normal or if this indicates that something is wrong with the bike.

To put it in perspective: even at idle 900~1000 RPM, if I get off the bike and look at it from the side, I can see the handle bars as well as rear fender vibrate (move up and down ~0.5 inch range). When I ride it and open the throttle for more than 1/3, I feel vibration through my hands feet and right between my legs [:I], it's very uncomfortable. Once I reach the speed I want and keep the throttle low, it is acceptble.

I have had V-twin sportsbikes before which did have more vibration then 4-bangers but nothing like this.

What could be wrong with the bike to produce excessive vibration? Thanks.
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Nothings wrong. Get used to it. And as my nephew's girlfriend said, "It's starting to tickel my...." well, you can guess how that ended. [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
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Welcome to the 4M! Enjoy the Vibes!
Thanks for the quick reply, looks like lots of people are online. I feel a little bit at ease now. However, I browsed through the videos on the 4m, a couple of them do show the bike sitting very still while the engine is idling. So I'm still a little concerned.

The tranny recall's been done, but not the TPS nor the tank damper. Maybe I'll have the dealer do a full checkup while they do the two recalls. Any other recall I should know? Thanks.
Not sure what has been done to the bike. It shouldn't be uncomfortable. I hope no one has taken out the handlebar weights. Granted it is going to shake, but not to the point where you can't ride it.
It does have aftermarket handle bar (drag bar style) and forward controls. I don't know the name/brand of these additions, I'll try to get some pix later. But how do you explain the shaking of the rear fender?
Seriously, it's a different bike than sportbikes. Mine will shake while it's warming up. I noticed it yesterday just a jumpin while idling, just like a dog lookin at ya with a leash!! This beast vibrates a little. If it sounds good, looks good, and runs hard....all's good. You should feel a vibe in your a$$ around 3000 rmps, that's tellin ya to shift. When you can't shift no more, and you're still climbin in speed, your bike will finally start to cut off around 5000 rpms (if I'm not mistaken in my drunken state), that's when you've gone to far, or in 5th, around 130mph [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif][/emoticons/emotion-5.gif].
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I meant that "drunken state" statement right now.......not when I riding. [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
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When mine was new it seemed to have more vibes than I thought was acceptable. The fuel mixture CO was -1 for the front cyl & -8 for the rear cylinder. Brought them up to 0 (zero) & 0 & it ran a lot smoother then fine tuned it from there. Also check the throttle body symc.

Here's the link to the ECU adjustment:

What pipes are on the bike, does it have a air kit on it & does it have a PC3 & are there any internal mods done to the engine? The more info you can post about it the better.
I say it is normal. If you think about it.. if you had 8 cylinders the motor would be 408 c.i. Ever go for a ride in a car with a 400 c.i. motor? They vibrate alot, and we are doing it on two wheels and our nuts are inches away from the pistons. The Warrior has a single pin crankshaft so there is considerably more vibration than a VTX1800 that has a double pin crank.
You are comparing the feeling of a V-twin to a 4 cylinder smaller displacement motor. Big difference.
In general, this is a very smooth bike, The vibration shouldn't bother you. There may be something wrong, I'd have it checked out or sit on a Harley to tell the difference!
Thanks for all the info. The bike does have a Muzzy, BAK and PCIII. No internal mod. to the engine (I was told). The previous owner did say that he put in the right map for it.

If you think the vibration is too excessive then I highly recommend that you check everything that you can probably think of, and then some. It wouldn't hurt to have the Service Dept. at your local dealership look it over too. I hate to think that you might be riding down the road and the vibration turned out to be something serious and then it was to late.

The Warrior is known to vibrate, but it shouldn't be to the point where it is uncomfortable.

One thing I would check is the coil wires to make sure that they are tight and there's no loose connections. One of my coil wires steadily worked itself loose and I started to feel more of progressive vibration, until the wire finally came all the way disconnected. When I was only running on the rear cylinders...Talk about vibration![/emoticons/emotion-6.gif]

Mark aka Mad Man
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I noticed more vibration at speed when I changed over to the Yammi double Ts from stock bars. Maybe the change of bars may cause you to feel more vibration than normal or I may just be talking out my ar$e!!

I noticed vibration between 60-70mph - above and below that was fine and it's not wheel balance!
I just scheduled a tune-up and oil-change at local dealer together with the TPS recall. The service manager looked at the bike and said the vibration is OK. But let's see if they find anything during the tune-up/check-up. Thanks all for helping.
Hey, at least you got the right brand of exhaust on your Warrior /emoticons/emotion-1.gif
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I felt no vibration when I went from stock to Barons radius
Ah....the rumbble effect!. I am happy to say my 02 was preowned when I bought it as well. One of the 1st things I noticed about it when I started it up for the very 1st time to take it for a test drive was as it sat there in my driveway idling, the rear fender was jumping up and down...I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!

So I have to believe what you are seeing and feeling is what most of us LOVE about our Warriors. Its impressive power while it sits there begging you to jump on it and ride away.

Seriously, I have only owned miine now for one season here in the N.E. I would think if there are any "strange vibrations" it my be while riding, like an unbalanced wheel, or a worn tire, or god forbid some sort of tuning issue with the motor. But generaly speaking, while cruising at 50-65 mph on a long cruize up through Maine the Warrior just pers along and chews up the hills and roads. You'll get used to it and come to love it eventualy.

Have fun and ride safe man!
Don't waste your money at the stealer! It is a drastic difference coming off a sport bike... They will screw your bike up and take your money. Everything you will need is right here. They vibrate/resonate through the bars and the fenders and the head lights fn everything! Just enjoy it, it will take some getting used to though.
Thanks, the bike needed a tune-up and oil change anyway. After a couple of days, I think I've already adapted to the vibration, I don't feel it as much now. /emoticons/emotion-1.gif
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