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Hi all new to the forum just looking to get a warrior. Probably a 2003 models. I have been trying to find some standard performance figures ie 0-60 and quarter mile times but no look yet. Can any one help me here

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Resistance is futile! Get the Warrior. With a knowledgeable rider the Warrior is under 13 in the 1/4 right outta the box!
According to the April 2002, Motorcycle cruiser magazine, volume 7, the 1/4 mile times/speeds on stock V twins are:
Mean streak: 13.89 sec at 93.52 MPH
Intruder 1400: 13.71 sec at 93.20 MPH
HD Super glide: 13.48 sec at 97.04 MPH
Victory v92c: 13.41 sec at 96.80 MPH
HD Deuce: 13.14 sec at 97.20 MPH
Honda VTX 1800: 12.91 sec at 101.57 MPH
Warrior: 12.71 sec at 103.00 MPH

That was a year ago. I don't think there have been any major changes to any of the bikes. ALso, one look at the tires and you know this thing is built to corner. Your Vulcan is a great lil bike. The Warrior is a fantastic BIG bike!!

This was in an old post - also the site does a lot of testing
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