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I just acquired an 08 Midnight and I'm immersing myself in my new distraction. Very happy to find this site/forum. Looks like a great group and the I am sure will come in handy with mods research. I just purchased my first aftermarket accoutrement--Bub Hugger exhaust. Can't wait to get installed.

I have owned a few bikes..mostly dirt, dual sport and a few years ago I bought a new HD softail. I got rid of the HD and bikes all together for about 5 years. When I got the bug again I started going down the path of looking at expensive American custom V twin S&S types. It was purely accidental that I discovered the Warrior. I was stunned that this awesome looking bike came in a metric platform from a foreign manufacturer! I am not complaining..but the price point for a brand new Warrior is rediculously cheap vis-a-vis the comparable American bikes. I must admit to being quite skeptical about metric cruisers while a HD owner...but, that has changed!
This bike, regardless of origin, absolutely rocks!

Anyone aware of folks jettisoning HD's etc in favor of Warrior?

Look forward to replies. I will upload pics soon.

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