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After many years of consideration, the Administrator and Moderators
of RSWarrior have decided that we will no longer allow Political topics
or Political Posts of any kind on the site. This topic has been a thorn
in our sides for a very long time. We came very near to pulling
political discussion 3 years ago and decided, at the time, to let it go
on with strict rules on personal attacks and bashing other members. For
a little while (very little while) it got better. Over the last 2+
years it has got progressively worse to where it is today and no amount
of warnings or threat locking seem to make a difference.

We have always made every effort to make this site a pleasant place to
come to and post and chat with others about their bikes and just about
anything else. Until now, our only exclusion has been pornography.
Unfortunately it has become increasingly evident that discussing
politics in a civil manner is just not something we are capable of
doing. For that reason any new topics or individual posts that are
related to politics in any way will be immediately removed. We will
also be going through past posts to locate political topics and remove
them as well. Please keep in mind that we have been around for 8 years,
this June, and we have accumulated over 188,000 topics with nearly one
million posts, so there is no way we are going to find them all. As we
come across older political topics they will be removed, as we see
them. Just because we removed one and missed another does not mean we
are showing favoritism, it just means we haven't found it yet. If you
see a political topic, feel free to let us know. You can simply hit the
"Report abuse" link at the bottom of each post that you find

This rule will pertain to whole topics of a political nature and to
individual posts that may be placed in a non political topic. It will
also cover your signatures as well. As far as what constitutes a
political post, I think we are all intelligent enough to figure that
out. But in case you are not, here are a few examples, if it has to do
with a president, senator, congressman, legislation, liberal,
conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent,
government intern, paige, or even the janitor at the White House, it
will be removed. Discussions of a socioeconomic nature, such as
welfare, social security, SSI, or any kind of government aide will also
be considered in the realm of politics. Gun control, world politics and
economics fall into this list as well. You can talk about your guns all
you want, but when you get into laws regarding possession of your
firearms, you have crossed the line. As you can see, I could go on and
on and still not be able to list all the possible examples. This list
is by no means comprehensive and it will ultimately be up to the
discretion of the Moderators and Admin as to what is and is not
political. Any new post or topic that violates this rule will be
immediately removed and the member who posted it will be subject to our
three strike rule. There will be no discussion or debate on this topic
or on any of our decisions as to what is in violation. There are plenty
of places on the net to go to and bicker about politics, this
motorcycle forum is no longer one of them. If you you are concerned
that what you want to post may not conform to our rules, as before,
please email or PM a Moderator and ask them.

The three strike rule can be found in the
rules for our site.
There is also a link to the rules at the bottom of every page on this
site. They have been in effect for a long time, if you're not familiar
with them, maybe you ought to read them. As always ignorance of the
rules does not make you immune to the consequences. This new rule has
been added to the existing rules and the Anything Goes Forum is now
called the "Anything Goes.....well almost" with a sub-heading of No
If this new rule causes you to no longer have anything worthwhile
contribute to this site, we fully understand and we wish you the best.
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