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I am not actually a newbie... I have been a site member for well over a year, however his is the first log on in well over a year so I might as well be...

The story...

I bought myself a suzuki M50 last year... basically on semi impulse. I had never owned a street bike and had fairly bad crdit for a long tim so could neer get financed even though I could afford it. After diligently paying bills and buying a house (it is amazing what hat does for your fico.. 150 points in just over 2 years), and subscribing to a credit monitering service, I tried buying a bike. Yamaha turned me down flat, but the suzki dealer said try the credit union.

the credit union gave me the loan and I bought a suzuki... I loved th bike... wind in the hair... power... great handling... top speed of 105. My buddies smoked me on their Harleys. I was mad.

I did lots of reaserch. Lots and Lots... I decided that it was either a warrior or a harley v-rod. The image of harles burning past me smoldered within. The encourangement of the guys on welled in my ears. The Yammie it would be.

So I ooked and scoured and found a dealership in Dallas, a 150 miles away who said they would make a deal. I filled out the credit app and I got another acceptance. Anything in the store you want up to 17000 they said... "you can get a warior or that tight?"... they assured me you could.

Onward to Dallas then, with the Warrior in my sights, my misbegoten Suzuki in the bed of my truck, and my roommate up front to keep me company.

He rides a suzuki... GSX-R 600... so does my neighbor.

And we are in Dallas... and there is the dealership. And inside is the promised Midniht Warrior... Black... evil... Aftermarket rearsets... speedstar exhaust... billet grips...

My roommate wanders off to look at the Gsx-r 1000s and the Hayabusa's.

My salesman arrives... talkes excitedly about the bike and its 2 k in extras... I idly wonder aloud who is underwriting my note... HSBC... "as in Yamaha?" No... HSBC Suzuki. I smile wryly.

I turn to comment on he irony and seemy freind stradling a raven R-6s (that is blacked out with red lettering and red lines on the rims for you strictly cruiser types). Nice bike... was my second choice of what to get...

the salesman mentions it is a lot cheaper than the warrior especially with all the add ons... next to the R-6s is a aniversary R-6 looking or all the world like a bumblebee in it's classic racing livery. And then a Raven R-6... pusing all houghts of the R-6s out of my head...

I stradle her... yes... this is it...

This will show those Harley boys AND them boys on the 600s... this is the new model... this is faster than theirs...

I grin inwardly... fip my eyes left and...

The R-1.

Possibly the best looking sportsbike in the history of sportsbikes...

Wearing the same back and red as the warrior and his own lesser brethern R-6... Longer, meaner... twin undertail exhaust oozing power....

"How much?"

"Well she is a left oner from last year so we can make a deal.... the 06s are just about the same... different swing arm.. slighly...."

yeah yeah... how much?

"Lets check"

Please be less than 17000

I reseloutly ignore the line of Hayabusas and the R-1 LE up on display. If i ignore them maybe they will go away.

"10500 out the door."


I look back at the warrior.

It looks a little lonely.

So now here we are a year later...

My driver license is a little battered...

My new roommate also rides a GSX-r 600 but she is way cuter than the old guy. Plus she sleeps in the same bed as me.

My neighbor moved away,

and my Fico score continues to soar.

I just got rid of an $850 truck payment. I am sans cage at the moment, and the siren call f the Roadstar is again in my ears...

I have three options...

Firstly... buy a 3 year old car for about 10k and a warrior for 10K

Second buy an older car for a lot less and a new warrior

Third... be smart about it... and just buy the car...

There is no way am getting rid of the R-1... it is... brethtaking.


Wind in your face... the miles ahead of you.. the gentle throb of a big v twin...

I hear the harley boys talking... and I understand...

And I want to ride with them... until I grow tired of their chrome and so twist the throttle of the drag racing king and am gone.

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Cool story. The moral is: if you like bottom end grunt buy a Warrior, if you like top end ticket-getting speed buy a sport bike. With sport bike tickets, in the end they both cost the same so get your extra chrome early!

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Including mine there are at least 5 that I know of (2 from base, one in the Buffalo Gap area, and one belongs to a business owner on south Treadaway), and me from Tuscola. On this board (recently), I've seen 1 from Merkel and 1 from Clyde. The two recent one's posted once each! They are few and far between in this area...

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Nice story, just one comment....

NEVER let the dealer tell you if the bike will fit inside your financing. How much you can borrow isn't the gauge as to what the bike costs. Look at the sticker and then deduct 15-20% and start from there....surprised he didn't say the bike was 17K even Out the door.

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That was probably one of the coolest posts I've read on here yet...

Get a used car and a slightly used Warrior from the forum... AT least here, with the right bike, you're more aot to "know" what you're getting.. /emoticons/emotion-1.gif

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quote:Originally posted by DragonRider

quote:Originally posted by skeeterwholf

used car and used warrior. That is what I would do.

+1 Way used car, fairly used Warrior!![/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]

Hey Adam !
Glad to see your Still Around [/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
Drop me a line when you get a minute if you will
Rick @

oh and FrogSlinger
Theres more to Halreys then just chrome ..
Sure theres RUBS out there that just throw money at there bike
in chrome and useless engine kits

But don't let the true Harley Enthusiest fool you
Then can fly like a Bat Out fo **** If you got the right rider/builder

For 10,500 / NOPE much more $$$ then that
But thats the price you pay to Ride A bike thats been around over'100 years ..
You get a good Feeling when someone says
Is that a Harley ? and you can say Why YES IT IS
and not NO but it looks and sounds like one.

Sort of the same difference between a Nissan 300ZX or whatever there
Making now and a Corvette .. The nissan cost less, Faster out of the Box
But the Corvette is OUR HotRod and holds a Strong History

I'm not Bad Mouthing anyone or what they Ride or Drive
and I'm certainly not an Automotive Patriot ...
I like em all But Prefer Harleys and General Motors and would own
nothing less ..

Congradulations on your score ..
Ride safe ,, and try to respect the other stuff out there
They all do the same Thing
Suck, Bang & Blow ....

You know alot of people who Bad Mouth Harleys
are the ones who can't afford one
on the flip side

Alot of People who do own Harleys Are RUBS ( Rich Urban Bikers )
who don't have a clue.....

You'll see them on places like Ebay with an ad like this
2003 Softail 2 thousand miles Like New, Not a single scratch..
It will shine like it came off the showroom floor..

See those cats don't even Ride the Bike
There a discrace to the Biker World...

BIKERS RIDE ! Eveyone one of us .. May it be a Harley , A YamaHawg
or anything else with Two Sometimes Three Wheels

Ok I think I Blabered on long enough..

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