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Nuther newbie

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Hi all,

My wife surprised me with a new Warrior this past Thursday, though I've been lusting after them for months. Cobalt / Silver flame. It's all stock - so far.
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welcome to the forum!! dont think it will be stock for long! let the mod bug and empty wallet begin!
Welcome John. It's fair to say that the blue Warriors are now by far the fastest that you can get [8D] so you (your wife?) chose well. Hang onto her mate, there aren't too many women that I know who would do that for their man - she's a one in a million. Ride safe mate.
You'd better take care of her. You probably do if she's buying you a bike, DUH!!
Brit goddammn enough already with your blue disfunction...[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif][/emoticons/emotion-6.gif] LOL

Anyway John welcome to the 4m and be shure you will not be stock a long time these guys on the 4m have a habbit off messing with your head.. NOT me tough...[/emoticons/emotion-4.gif][}/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]

MOD's mod's i need mod's gime more mod's...[}/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
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I'ld keep her around for a long time!!! Congrats on your new Warrior and welcome aboard!
Congrats on your new bike, and does your wife have any sisters like her? [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
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That's a **** of a gift! Welcome to the 4m and the family.
welcome to the 4um man you have to love the little lady for that present
let me know if you ever get divorced [/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]

gratz on the new bike and welcome aboard!
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Thanks for the welcome guys. I will keep her (the wife) a long time. She has one sister, also married. Sorry boys. /emoticons/emotion-1.gif
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That was gonna be my next question....

she bought u one? kewl...and welcome again........
Thanks again for the warm welcome guys. I guess I should tell the complete story.

I've been riding a Goldwing for about 10 years now. It's a 1994 model that had the dreaded “4th gear failure” syndrome that has affected some Wings. Long story short, I couldn't find anyone to do the work for less than an arm, leg and first-born child, so my friends and I ripped it apart ourselves.

Throughout the winter months, I've been gathering parts and tools needed to reassemble the tranny, but the going has been slower than I liked. My wife was getting tired of me grumbling about not riding. She kept telling me to go get another bike, but I wouldn't listen.

Finally, after watching my friends ride off without me over Memorial Day weekend, she decided to take action on her own. The next couple of days, she out and out lied to me. She told me that she was working late, or had to go see a friend a couple of towns over to deal with some ads for their upcoming fest (she sells advertising for the local newspaper). The whole time she was “working”, she was actually wheeling and dealing with three Yami dealers to get the best price and customer service. She knew what I wanted because I've been drooling over the brochure for weeks and have been talking about a Warrior for months, especially since they came out with the blue / silver flame paint scheme.

When I got home from work last Thursday evening, I picked the garbage cans up from the curb and put them away behind the garage. When I got to the garage, I was told the overhead door was broken and making funny noises. I sighed and just put cans away. When I got back around to the front of the garage, I asked my wife open the overhead door. She went in the house and grabbed the door opener and camera (I didn't notice the camera). When the door opened, there sat the Warrior I wanted. She even had the dealer deliver the bike.

There you have it. Needless to say, I love this bike, and I love my wife even more than the bike.
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WOW, what a story!!!! Great wife great bike, also the best looking, and the fastest!....the bike that is.
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