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I feel like there is more than enough interest to begin moving forward. The kits will include the following:

-Instructions... :eek: :D :cool:

-Two feet of premium ethanol resistant Fluoroelastomer 8AN hose, with a black nylon braided sheath.

-Jiffy-Tite 31608 (J) and 32608 (J) valved quick-disconnects with Viton seals. Adding J to the product number specifies all-black, otherwise they come in a black/gold finish.

-Two premium 100% stainless steel ABA hose clamps for the tank fuel line.

-5/16" ethanol resistant Flouroelastomer FI rated fuel hose, to relocate the fuel pressure regulator.

-Four FI rated hose clamps.

-Heat shrink to prevent any fraying of the cut braided hose ends.

-2 M5 x .8 nuts for the FPR

-Flat rate shipping. Members outside the U.S. will end up paying a bit more on an individual basis, sorry but I will do what I can. :)

I am estimating the individual cost of these kits to be $125 including shipping. I don't see the price fluctuating more than about $5 in either direction, but the price is somewhat dependent on the total quantity, especially when it comes to ordering the hose & clamps in bulk. Price will come down if I can discount the JT fittings. I'm not a vendor, & am not profiting from this.

I will assemble the Jiffy-Tite AN fittings on the hose, unless you specify you prefer to do that yourself.

In this thread, if you are still interested, please specify your preferred fitting color. Black/Gold or all Black. Posting to this thread indicates intent to buy.

I would like to keep this thread clean. Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to me via PM, or in the discussion thread. Thank you! This group buy will end on *EDIT* December 1st, 2015.
Discussion thread here:


Added by ArizonaWarrior:

As we know, the forum rules provide a path for Group Buys that do 'not' need Moderator approval, and if something needs to be different then the Group Buy can be approved by a Moderator. In this case, the individual parts need to be purchased by one member and assembled into the kit that participants have agreed-on. That means participating members will need to buy the kit from the person assembling the kit, in this case the OP (who is not a site vendor). For the record I already approved this Group Buy based on the OP maintaining transparency that allows every member to check prices and verify part numbers, or even buy their own parts outside of the Group Buy if they want. The required transparency that no member is profiting is key to the spirit of Group Buys here and always has been and the OP is down with that as we all know. Following is the first paragraph of the rule, see the Forum Rules for the full text.

"5E. Group Buys: (modified August 10th 2012)

Group Buys are for motorcycle parts and are organized by a member who is not the seller. After being organized by one of our members, the seller agrees to accept payment from individual members in the Group Buy. The seller can be provided with a link to the Group Buy thread so they may monitor who is part of the group, but they cannot post in the thread or otherwise promote unless they are an approved Vendor. This has always satisfied the vendor policy because it's transparent that no member profits from the Group Buy. These Group Buys do not need moderator pre-approval. "



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Committed Buyers at $125

1: goforlow ____________Black
2: richgetsy ____________Black
3: 08RSW ______________Black
4: arno ________________Black
5: californiacruiser ______Black/Gold
6: Dunecraz ____________Black
7: ysr_racer_99 ________Black
8: MikeOlmt ___________Black
9: mead_monkey ______Black
10: firebird1970 ________Black
11: joshuaerdman ______Black
12: Rscx4 _____________Black
13: 1150raven _________Black
14: 1150raven _________Black
15: jerrior ____________Black
16: Gilly ______________Black
17: jtvmax ____________Black
18: christok ___________Black/Gold
19: ComDet ___________Black
20: Shadow Warrior ____Black/Gold
21: Sandytows ________Black
22: Swider ___________Black
23: SuperD ___________Black
24: zrat _____________Black
25: mog1017 _________Black/Gold

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Great Idea, Stellmon!!

These are exactly the fittings I wanted for myself!!!!!!

Count me in for an all black set. (-J added)

Wow... it's funny, I have all these same things in my cart at Summit... I just haven't checked out!! lol..

Oh... Please, assemble the fittings on the hose for me! I dont have the tools for AN fittings where I'm at now.

email direct at [email protected] this way I get replies and requests right away!

Thanks, brother!!!!
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