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This popped-up so posting a related item in case helpful. I'm a big fan of using a new oil plug crush washer in both drain plugs at every oil change in order to protect the female aluminum threads from torque damage.

I discovered that my new pack of Dorman aluminum oil plug washers on my shelf is different in that they are now imo too hard to deform. I even put one in a vice and it barely marked the washer surface. So I have amended my personal choices for spares found in my tech data as follows:
14mm oil plug crush washers either aluminum or copper in 14x18x1.5 or 14x20x1.5 or 14x18x2.0 or 14x20x2.0 try and compare to omage of Yamaha part number 90430-08119-00. Note that Dorman no longer makes an aluminum 14mm true crush gasket and the flat aluminum oil plug washer is now too hard to seal and it weeps oil or worse.

The spark plug crush washer source remains valid and I change them every second time I pull spark plugs:
12mm spark plug crush washer #P-678 ( 888-800-9629
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