I started pulling parts off the bike today and I'm listing them as I go along. I'll try to add a brief description where I can and will provide photos. I don't have many prices listed so I'm accepting offers while I finish setting up and will edit the post with prices, people interested, and if sold. Let me know if there are any parts you are interested in. Anything from the front forks and down is no good except the calipers. I'll give the first shot here before I post locally or on eBay.

All prices do not include S&H unless we agree privately. Please let me know if I am pricing too high as I am having problems finding comparables.

Please send me examples of any parts you are interested that I have not listed.

Mods, I started to post as a whole. Please let me know if I should do them individually. I didn't want to spam the board.

Power Commander V $320- Dynojet - Tuned with Pro Pipes installed. I have the Dyno sheet from the previous owner.
F8T914 ECU $275: Someone on the forum mentioned interest and I have to look up the name.
PCS Monster Pro Pipes 2 into 1 $300?: Small scrapes at the tip from when it was on its side. It looks like surface rust settled the week it was on the street. It wasn't there before and I haven't wiped down the pipe yet. There is a small dent on the front pipe that was covered by the wrap when they lifted it onto the truck bed. It was wrapped but I pulled the wrapping off that spot to sow the dent and that it wasn't punctured.
Front calipers: Stock
Handlebar risers:
Headlight / Lightbulb
: SEALIGHT X1 H4/9003/HB2 LED BULB with lamp. The headlight trim is a little pinched but there is no damage the bulb housing. I will ship it as a whole if you or just pull the Sealight.
Passenger pegs: Sold
Driver's Seat $150:
Passenger Pilon $125:
Quick Disconnect backrest SOLD
: I don't know what kind of backrest it is but it has a quick disconnect that attaches to mounts on the fender strut. The previous owner plastic dipped the chrome black and there is a bit of peel. Looks to work like a Paladin Quickset but it's not that brand.
Speedometer $75:
Tachometer: SOLD
: When I bought it there was a slight bump along the top where a handlebar bumped the tank. There was no dent on the tank at the time of the accident but it had one when they delivered it to my home. They also rubbed a portion of the decal on left.
Left side scoop:
Inspection Plate:
Side covers:
Keyed parts: Someone mentioned interest in these and I have to look up the name
Bluetooth Speakers with Toggle: They were mounted on the handlebars and have an on/off switch with a volume dial.
Handlebar controls: Sold
levers and brake reservoir. Brake levers have some rubbing on the ends.
Avon Grips: Grips have some rubbing on the end cap SOLD.
Belt Cover:

Not removed yet:
Rear fender
: There is a small ding along the top from the previous owner.
Rear Tire: Looks good condition
Swingarm: Local person said they wanted it but they haven't followed up yet.
Wire management:
Rear Caliper:
Engine/Trans: Someone on the forum mentioned interest and I have to look up the name. I'm not sure how to handle shipping for this. Some minor scratches/pitting of the chrome on top of the heads, other than that it looks good.

It hurts taking this bad boy apart. Please excuse the bad photos. I haven't completely wiped down the parts or put them in any favorable light.