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when i click onto the "how to do's" section of the forum and go to the "how to adjust my ecu unit myself thread" and click on to it, then click on the link for the actual instructions that another warrior member had posted right after my initial posting/question, i get this outerspace looking screen under the link for the directions and it asks for a password/id. is that something totally irrelevant to the ecu adjustment instructions??? [?]if so, where are the directions/instructions listed now? they seemed to have disappeared on me for some reason now with all of the changes that were made to the site. curious, wanted to change my ecu settings on my bike.[/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
quote:Originally posted by wip

how come the warrior website will not accept my password/id under the how to's for adjusting the ecu unit myself? already cleared some memory storage.[?]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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