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The recent RSW.COM patch group-buy was great fun, and it was also successful in that plenty of us bought 'em because we know how rare these things are around here. And its a nice patch for sure.

As luck would have it, the Forum has sent me the very last of these patches which were discovered in desk drawers and under paperwork. I've taken the liberty of sending a few around already but have held the last two patches for some fun!

So if you do not already have a patch but want one then post here.

Or, if you already have a patch you can instead nominate a member who does not already have this patch.

If it turns out we nominate someone who has a patch already I'll just draw again no worries.
Many (but not all) who have them are of course here:

In a week or so I'll pick two at random, meaning this is one of those snooze=loooze things. Every member name entered has an equal chance of winning one patch. Two last patches, two lucky member-winners, anywhere in the world!

Oh, and everyone please shout-out a big THANK YOU PHILIP (at the Forum) for these last few patches! :D

The winners drawn just now (1/30/2015 08:00 USA-PT) are: RandyNY and Mike7202
Congratulations guys, PM me your full mailing address okay! (both have been mailed)


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I don't know how I missed the original order but somehow I did. Please Please put my name in the bucket.
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