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I recently had a credit card bill come in for about $41 or so... But I'd cut up that card about 6 months or so ago. The transaction detail on the bill said PAYPAL on it. Hmm... So I logged into my PAYPAL account to look at my transaction history but didn't see anything in there within 20 days or so of the date they (credit card company) said the transaction took place. When I cut up the card about 6 months ago I also deleted that card from my PAYPAL account and put a different card in for my account with PAYPAL. 99% of the time I use PAYPAL it's for buying something on ebay so I also checked ebay to see if I'd bought anything at all even close to $41 within the last few months. No... I had not. So I disputed the charge with the credit card company and told them to close my account while they were at it. Just got mail from the credit card company yesterday saying I needed to sign and return a piece of paper saying I still disputed the charge or else they'd drop the investigation. The mail also said that they'd contacted PAYPAL about the charge and had been provided with details about it. They said those details were included. There was about 4 pages of crap from PAYPAL in there but all it said was that I had an account with them. It did not mention any charge AT ALL for any amount. Not for $41 or for any of the other actual charges that were legit. Huh? O....K. Yeah, I'm gonna sign the paper and send it back in. I'm not paying for something I didn't get. I'd love it if they'd say "Hey dummy, remember the <insert item/service here> you paid for back then?" and I'd go "Oh yeah!!! I forgot all about that!" but... they're not doing that. They're just saying "Pay $41, sucka!" Not today, Batman. Keep an eye on your credit card that you have associated with them, and DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WITH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. That's my advice, anyway. A friend of mine made his living for about 4-5 years buying and reselling stuff on ebay and working a lot with PAYPAL and he tells me that PAYPAL is basically BAD NEWS. Oh, and I haven't tested this out but I've been told to not even think about buying handgun stuff using your PAYPAL account because if they find out they'll just close your account out. Hmm... I wasn't trying to bad-mouth PAYPAL with this post but it seems to be coming out that way...
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