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Its important to most members that page load speeds be improved there are issues some have even with desktop pc's. Mobile speed needs to be better too. This site seems to consume data more than any other so maybe can improve there, without killing access to the volumes of info members visit to access.
The loading speeds have many variables as to what causes any delays. If you notice the page hanging onto anything, look at the bottom left corner where it'll say "Waiting for .... " - take a screenshot of this if you see it hanging onto anything particular and let us know what page/section and action you were attempting to access and/or if this appears throughout the entire site. Also, don't forget to include what device/browser you are using as well.

You also have your connection and your browser software, etc. Please ensure that you have the latest version of what you are using for optimal speed. If all else fails, let us know and we'll look into improving the overall site speed.

Thanks for your patience on this.

21 - 21 of 21 Posts