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Hey everyone,

As we all know, Wikipedia (part of Wikimedia) is the only non-profit assembly of people on the planet that has the goal of bringing free and accurate information to every person on the planet, free-market or closed-society alike. This rivals Mr. Sam Colt's status as the Great Equalizer in our century.

Every person who believes that knowledge is power and therefore the power of knowledge belongs to EVERYONE needs to take one minute and send a donation to wikipedia. What we do here with Warrior knowledge, they do there with a helluva lot more knowledge (and ANYONE can sign-up to edit/correct/improve topics).

Your donation can can be $5 or $10 or $1 or $100 just be sure you do donate asap, and please encourage everyone you respect to do the same. This is the great equalizer of our time and its in OUR sandbox so we can do this and win.

I just donated, I do every year. I hope you will too. Thank you everyone.

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