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Posting in 3 forums

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There is any way to keep al warriors owners in this forum?[/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]
I am tired of browsing and posting in different forums with the same guys.
I like this forum the most, it's easy to browse and very organize, can we all keep this forum moving and eventually all the others will converge here?[/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
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i haven't post the "other" forum in a while. **** i haven't even checked it out in a while. but, i did today just out of curiosity. wish the was a way to let them know there is a better forum here! we could allgo under faulse user names and.... not a good idea!! [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
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I'm with you redbull...
I check Delphi once a week or so, but I havent posted there in a couple months (I think).

What is the third forum?

i stoped all to gether. if its there it will be here or it already is. I used to check but in the long run everything transfers over to them and comes to us to..
I know there was that "captain Gloom" site or somthing like that but I thought it was already abandoned . We need A way to get ahold of ALL the Warrior owners somehow to let them know about us . I met a Warrior owner from Louisiana riding aroun here in Peoria,Az. last week and he had never heard of us so I informed him and he seemed very interested to find out more about all trhe MODs . The other site I know of is Cruiser Customising but it's basicly a vandor site, it does have a good member section that you can use to look up riders according to ,State , Distance from you, Type of bike,or name.
Things have a way of seeking their own level. The feeling on this site is open and friendly with no political overtones. "Build it and they will come". It has already been built, thanks to CarKnee, and it is just a matter of time until it is the foremost site. It may be so already. We'll all just keep telling other warrior owners and it will evolve more and more.

Ride Safe,

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I agree,I give up on delphi after I got booted from there.I did post awhile ago trying to buy something but that has been it since the "DIVORCE".This is a much better place to call home.
This is by far the best forum going, Good job guys!
Occasionally I search around for Warrior stuff to see if any new accessories have popped up. That is how they will find us, that and word of mouth. Spread the word to the people you meet at your local bike nights and they will tell people and so on. I look over on Delphi about once a month or so, just for the **** of it. But this site is far superior and people will see that on their own. This forum has grown so fast in such a short time, just imagine what our member base will be by next summer.
Alex, the best way to get everyone on the same forum is to tell them what a swell job Carknee is doing. And, keep all your posting here. That way when someone is looking for you, they know where your home is. This is definitely the best forum. Great format, great people.

Delphi has definitly lost something. Just not the same old forum it use to be. I too browse, but rarely do much posting, not like the ole' day's that's for sure. This forum just plain "ROCKS!" And is way Superior to all the rest. This Forum is like an addiction! I sneak off at work to make sure I don't miss anything on this site, lol!
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