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I had a decent discussion through a couple emails with Mike Shefler of Dynojet about the Power Commanders and fuel necessities formy turbochargedWarrior project- or any bike in general.

On the topic of fuel delivery, alot of people thing that tossing some large injectors in an engineis immediately going to supply you with ample fuel delivery.. Well true, but the larger the injector the larger the "margin or error" youll have at low rpms, therefor creating the potential for an unstable low end causing some irritating behavior in slow to moderate traffic. long story short to help with some of the larger fuel consumption needs while retaining low speed performance, you can run two injectors oneach channel of the PC3 (2 channels = 4 inj.), of course youll need to adjust for mixtures if you set up torun them both all the time. Another option, luckly the new PC5 just came out.. you can install a power commander for the GSXR 750 and do a loop system with channels 1-3 and 2-4 so your main two main injectors are always firing as they would, except you can also add an additional injector to each channel and tune them individually with an advanced map.additionally thenew power commander is smaller, eliminates the need for the MF hub, and also has a wideband auto tuner you can purchase to tune the maps for you...nice little gadget.
Theres several different configurations, including the option to trigger the additional injectors on a relay with the programmable "analog output."According to the Mike and the engineers at dynojet there are several options that will all yield results.. My fuel problem is solved.. hope it helps someone else out. If anyone wants the emails, just pm me and ill send em your way. It might be easier to understand by reading them anyway.

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