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I'm doing some garage sales for clearing out both garages, and at the same time will let any member here look through my Warrior spares and hardware etc. Please send me Conversation-PM for dates and my home address.

To comply with rules, all of my spares are offered at $1500 for everything OBO and I'm willing to break-up to individual items.

The following list could contain items already sold. Also there could be spares not listed that I forget I have. When I get into it I'll update. So if you see things you want, please ask me if I still have it before deciding if you want to swing by for a little social time and rummaging.


Spare Parts On-Hand:

Emergency Drive Belt - H.D. #40171-97
02-05 front drive pulley nut 90179-22004-00
02-05 front drive pulley tab washer 90215-26241-00
Complete spare main frame with clean title.
Melling #JB-2011 Hydraulic Lifters (autozone)
Nippon Fuel Injectors IMP-732, Yamaha Part Number 5FL-13761-00-00
Song Chuan 896H-1CH-C (12VDC 30/50) as future cod fix (
Blvd Tach Screws 2 ea M6x25/1.00 SS Button head (also uses 2 oem M6x20/1.00 SSBH).
Misc hardware and fasteners removed from my Warrior.
Spare M6x8 1.0-pitch stock header (and S*) bung plugs with flat washer.
Spare exhaust header-to-jug gaskets 3EG-14613-00-00.
Spare exhaust header-to-pipe gasket 5PX-14755-00-00.
Spare stock piston rings (2 kits) 5PX-11610-00-00.
Spare stock pistons 5PX-11631-00-00 w/pins 4WM-11633-00-00
Spare stock transmission main axle 5PX-17411-A0-00
Spare stock 30T 5th gear pinion 5PX-17151-00-00
Spare stock 31T 4th gear pinion 5PX-17141-20-00
Spare stock 29T 3rd gear wheel 4NK-17231-01-00
Spare stock 24T 5th gear wheel 5PX-17251-00-00

Example (do not use) of trans washer 90209-25013-00 (?)
Example (do not use) of trans circlip 93440-28062-00 (?)

OEM Pick-Up Coil (CPS) Recall Kit with gasket #90891-30047
OEM Signal Flasher 5PX-83350-00-00
OEM Headlight Relay #5JJ-81950-29-0-00
OEM Rectifier Regulator 5JW-81960-00-00
OEM Starter Relay 4YR-81940-02-00
OEM Rear 2004 Shock 5PX-22210-20-00 (shock only, not links or spring)
OEM Front Brake Rotors (for 3-spoke wheels) 5PX-2581T-00-00 (pair).
OEM Headlight with complete bucket.
OEM LED Tail Light 5PX-84710-00-00
OEM O-ring 4X8-24512-00-00 for main tank fuel filter/outlet.
OEM 3-Spoke Rear Wheel 5PX-25338-01-7B (02-7B) ASSY w/hub pulley Bearings (not axle).
OEM Rear Wheel Hub Cush Drive Dampers 4WM-25364-00-00 (set of 6)(in addition to above).
OEM Aux Fuel Tank 5PX-24280-00-00 w/Pump 5PX-13907-00-00 & Filter 5PX-24560-00-00.
OEM Aux Fuel Pump Filter 5PX-24560-00-00 (loose)
OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator 5PX-13906-00-00
OEM Left Side Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-01-00 Male.
OEM UnderSeat Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-11-00 Male.
Viton 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32 o-rings for stock dry breaks (Size #113)
Colder Drybreak coupling LCD17006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Female side
Colder Drybreak Coupling LCD22006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Male side
NOTE: Colder dry breaks were also available at or
OEM Air Pressure Sensor 5JW-82380-00-00 (3 each for IAPS1/IAPS2/APS) (thanks umpire3)
OEM 5JJ-81950-20-00 Main Fuel Relay with the factory mounting bracket and rubber.

Not included:
My Mustang seat set, spare drive belt, original ECU, and extended service manual are going to the buyer of my motorcycle. Along with all remaining spare listed here or found in my garage in the meantime.

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