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I did not belong to this site very long and am new to the warrior bike, I owned honda's, suzuki's and still have my kawi klr650. Each and every one of those bikes I joined web sites. This is the only one that I ever belonged to that when I post a question I don't even get a response from and a look around the site I see plenty of new members and each and every one of there questions have a response. the only hits I had was when I would check out my own question to make sure I didn't screw any thing up. I almost feel that I joined a die hard harley club that black balls jap bike owners!!! Lyle
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Lyle....I have no idea what you are talking about being a new member. I am sure that you have no idea how to browse around this forum, but I do and I did check your profile and you my friend have 2, Yes, 2 Total post counts......your very first post was in reply to another members topic (cut & posted below) and your second post is this one bitching about no one answering your questions and calling us a bunch of stuck up Warrior Owners.......maybe you thought you asked a question and then you woke up. It happens. This is the Best and almost Only Warrior Forum on the world wide web.


I wear a helmet, not all the time like i should and seen a few people who wish they did.I have a half helmet a road star, the graphics almost mach my bike.I also have a memphis shades hellcat, it does not keep all the air off my face, but it sure does give my arms a break I live in lancaster,pa and all the tourist are so busy looking at the amish they forget other people are on the road. and dont for get the shield is removabe. the bad thing with the 1/2 hemet is i bought a flip up sheild. and going buy tractor trailers with the wind catching about neck level (i am 6'4") the wind ripped the face shield right off. also i do wear my leathers usally just the jacket.
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