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Sean Kearney
CarKnee Consulting
[email protected] is now part of the "Road Star Network"

Bohemia, NY, December 15, 2004 — CarKnee Consulting is pleased to announce the opening of the web site in December, 2004. The site was created due to feedback from the Road Star Warrior community, Road Star motorcycle enthusiasts, and Road Star aftermarket part vendors.The site is open to the public and catering to owners of any Yamaha Road Star model motorcycle. is a sister site to, which expands the existing content to the other Yamaha Road Star models. As a sister site, all members of are members of and are entitled to the benefits of both web sites. Members are able to maintain their own online area to provide details and images of their Yamaha Road Star motorcycle, post messages in the forums, sell items in the classifieds, and much more!

CarKnee Consulting, located on Long Island, NY, specializes in helping businesses with getting their company on the Internet. From minor changes to your existing site to complex web applications, CarKnee consulting can handle it all.
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Bummed to see the format is changing.The site is perfect the way it is now.Sets it apart from the rest.Just my insignificant opinion but I feel better now.
Sean, I know you say "we'll get used to it" but why should any of us have to - including you? Is there a reason for the format change when THIS format works so well? Is it something that HAS to change to take on the Road Star Network banner? If so, why would the few dictate what was started as YOUR forum for US?

Just my .02. The 'get used to it' part isn't as easy as you think.
This thread isnt about something that didnt happen yet. All replies will be removed from this thread that do not pertain to the original press release.

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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