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The Saddleman Sport Tactical Tunnel Tail bag in the standard size fit my RSW perfectly. Install was easy enough. Just remove the passenger seat to attach mounting pad to the bike. I also used the included extra straps to tie down to passenger pegs and muffler mounting bracket. The bag is very secure and fit perfectly without any part of the bag touching any paint. The bag is not very big but that's why I chose it. I didnt want to disrupt the flow of the bike to much. I have not rode with it yet as it is 30 degrees out in January in Michigan. I wanted to get this review out because I know there is not much data out there for aftermarket parts for the Warrior. Especially luggage that's not ridiculously old style. This bag is a great piece of low profile luggage that isn't leather and steel buckles. There are video reviews of the bag itself on YouTube. This article is let others know that this bag is a perfect fit for the RSW. A side note, Saddleman does make a wider version of this bag. The wider version would be too wide and would rest on the fender. I would not get the wide version for the RSW. Only buy the standard size. I plan on buying a tank bag soon. I am leaning torwards SW Motech quick lock tank bags. I like the idea of the bag floating off the tank creating no contact with tank. I'll let you guys know what's up.

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