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I posted a bad experance with bubs on the warrior general discussion and can back to check on it and it was gone. So I did a search on bubs and nothing came up. I finally found it in the vender section, it was moved.

2 things are wrong here:
1. It did not come up in a search for bubs
2. It took me 20 min to find my post no one told me or notified me it was moved, most boards put a moved link in the area where it was orginally or send a PM if you change a post.

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I moved it, programmergeek. It was posted in the wrong forum, originally. We have a vendor ratings forum created just for this kind of thing. I am constantly moving miss-posted items (I seem to be doing that more than I post anymore). If I had to personally notify everybody of their mistakes, I wouldn't have time to post at all. I do, however, attach a note to the original post explaining what I did and why, everytime. We all need to be a little more attentive of where we are putting new posts. It also helps for people to find things if they are put in the right forum.

As far as searching goes, I just did a search on "bubs" and got 4 pages of hits. Your's was on the last page. Look at the top and bottom of your searches and it will tell you how many pages are returned. Just like any other search engine the more general your query the more hits you will get. Keep in mind we currently have 21,930 posts in 2273 topics in 22 forums. Try getting a little more specific with your searches and you will get better responses. For example if you were to search for "bubs discolors" you would only get on hit, yours. Hope that helps.
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