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You're not dumb (or no dumber than the rest of us!)

This "How to Search" help file can be foundunder NEWS in the icon bar near the top of your screen:

We have a handy white search field on the top of most screens. You can type in "oil filter" and click on the SEARCH button. You don't need the "quote marks" but if you use them the search filter will look for that exact phrase.

Also, in cases where you are not yet sure what you are searching for, visit the Technical forum, and the top post is Popular Mods. In that post you can search for links to conversations (posts) on specific topics, like "handlebars" or "Tires" and its also got links to common mods and common problems. Finally, at the very bottom there's a wide selection of example bikes with certain mods.

Hope this helps.


How do I do a search for oil filters?? Sorry computer DUMB
1 - 3 of 3 Posts