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Hello all, It's been a while. I hope all is well with everyone.

The store is for sale, I think the place is way over rated ( and I'm betting over priced ). But I'm sure one of you can dig up some of that old moldy money and turn it around !. Sorry for the font change.

Due to health reasons Kim and I feel we must search for new owners for The Country Store.

The Country Store was founded in 1946 and is the oldest continious operating store in the valley having
only 3 famlies of owners since it was opened and is the only store to never have been closed, it serves
a community of about 1800 residents and thousands of visitors a year. The ideal buyer(s) for this
business would be one that would continue with the vision of making this location one which caters to
the tremendous growth opportunities sorrounding motorcycles, sports cars, trail hikers, fishermen,
hunters and bicyclists.
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