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Since we have all these clubs going on (130 speedo club, FatBoy club, etc..), maybe we could put our club tags in our signatures.

[*]Tags tiles should be 100 X 100 pixel.
[*]Try to be descriptive as possible with the file names.
[*]Tags should be saved only in JPEG or JPG file formats[/list]

You can string the tags together in a Paint program to create a signature. I use MS Paint.

Here is an incomplete example of mine, strung together. It'll have the RSWARRIOR.COM ghost on it, because I've attached it to the thread. But, when I'm done, I'll host it on my server.

Image Insert:

If you need a server to store the tags, you can use this link:
Courtesy of smiffer!

Rear Tire size club tags:

Deals Gap CLUB:
If you've ridden Deals Gap

RSWARRIOR.COM Warrior of the Month CLUB:
Your Warrior MUST have been WOM to use this TAG!



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quote:Originally posted by amospro

Looks good Redhorse, REAL GOOD!!!! Although, I think you can do a bit better with the WoM club. Not that I'm a member or anything. [B)]

I guess I was getting tired. lol I was up in the AM, and couldn't sleep. So, I was on the forum screwing around with the tags. That was why this post was in the Test Forum, before it was moved here. I didn't think it wasn't quite ready yet and was just testing the waters.

You can only do so much with MS Paint. I need to get Adobe Photo Shop and learn how to use it. [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]

I'll re-work a lot of the ones I did. To make them nicer. [8D] I don't like the basic text look, I want to spice up the text. [/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]

Some tags, maybe some of you guys can work on:

Speed Star Club
High Compression Piston Club
108 CI Club, 110 CI Club, 120 CI Club, etc...
PCIII Custom Map Club
Turbo Club
NOS Club
Custom Paint Club
IRON Butt Club
Sturgis Club
Daytona Club

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wouldn't be a bad idea to produce these as stickers(small&large), helmet stickers, t-shirts, "long" sleeve t-shirts(since we don't have any for, bandana's, patches for jackets, or other ideas.[/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]
i would buy some of these items.[/emoticons/emotion-4.gif] anyone else?[?]
maybe some of the proceeds would sponsor this site??[/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]

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High Compression Pistons:

Daytona Bikeweek 2004:

Sturgis Bikeweek 2004:


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