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I was having tons of problem's myself with PM's, Active Updates etc......this is what you guys need to do......

1) Delete all shortcuts and or Links to the Old this new format is still tied into the cookies of the old format and all links to the old rswarrior need to be DELETED!

2) After you do Step 1..........Go into "Tools" menu. Click on "Internet Options" Go into "Temporary Internet Files" and Delete "Cookies" and Delete "Temporary Internet Files" Clear History....

3) Shut down computer and restart.......

4) Type in save as a new shortcut or save to favorites.

This will get rid of all your major problems you are experiencing.

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I will add one caution, if you delete all your cookies some sites you visit may not have your information stored anymore (your login ID, account name, etc.). This is not a big deal if you know all you login, ID's, Passwords, etc.

If you are having problems with this site, a better approach is to get a cookie manager program that lets you selectively delete cookies based on what site they are for. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer you may have a cookie manager built in. I'm not real familiar with firefox/mozilla, etc.

I have been using cookie pal from but its more of a filter than a good manager. I'm sure others will have suggestions with their favorites.
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