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For sale is a 2002 Yamaha Warrior in the St. Paul, MN area with 22,950 miles. I'm the third owner of this bike (the first two owners were within family), buying it in 2010 at 14,500 miles. Upon purchase, the following work was performed by my shop:
-Initial inspection and tune up
-Clutch replacement
-R&R Engine - changed gears, clips, rings, honed cylinders.
-Performed remaining recalls - TPS and "Ignition" (all other recalls confirmed to have been performed). Note - Not sure about the "Ignition" as I wasn't familiar with this one and didn't ask about it but that's what was listed on the work order under recall work performed.
-Leakdown check performed, replaced exhaust valves and machined valve seats

Throughout my ownership the following additions/mods have been done (work performed by me unless otherwise stated):

-The pictured wheels/tires are the OEM wheels I had powder coated and clear-coated back in 2017. The color is called "Ultra Black Chrome" - essentially looks like a Gunmetal. I also had new Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO tires and wheel bearings installed. Wheel, Tire, bearing work performed less-than 500 miles ago (back in 2017). Tire sizes: Front - 120/70ZR-18 & Rear - 190/50ZR-17. The powder coating and wheel work performed by different shop/vendor.
-The pictured look underneath the tank highlights the Churchkey (RSWarrior member) V-BAK (Big Air Kit) with AkitaDog's (RSWarrior member) V-BAK sensor/coil relocation plate I had installed. Note - the coils were not relocated but instead are located in their original/OEM position. The coils have been upgrated to DynaTek DC2-1 Coils with DynaTek wires.
-Custom Paint - metallic green flames over what the original color would have been (Dark Grey Metallic). Note - this was painted before I got the bike.
-Vance and Hines Pro Pipe with HD end-cap and Big City Thunder "QQ" Baffle.
-Baron's AIS Block-off kit (installed when OEM airbox replaced for Big Air Kit)
-Yamaha Double-T Drag Bars with Avon Grips
-Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines, front and rear - with smoke-colored shielding
-S&S Drive Belt - Installed in 2013
-Eibach 1000lb rated rear spring
-Yamaha Inner Fender Eliminator Kit
-Custom LED Integrated Tail Light - signals are within the tail light. I chose not to use this function but instead kept the original turn-signal design but the wires could be switched back to this tail light for integrated function. Special function of this tail light is the light will strobe when brakes initially depress.
-LED Lighted License Plate Frame
-Kuryakyn Wide-Style Brake and Clutch Levers with AlanH's "Clutch Lever 101 Rebuild" here (drilling performed by local machine shop)
-Barnett Clutch and Throttle Cables
-Yamaha Passenger Peg Extenders
-Custom Engine Cover by Pineda's Metal Custom Designs
-Kurvey Girl 90 degree Valve Stems - helps access to valve stems (installed by my shop at time of wheel powder coat and tire change)
-New Yuasa Battery - this month
-Oil and Filter changed every season - just changed this month
-Brake Fluid flushed every-other season - just changed this month
-Transfer Case oil changed every-other season - changed last year
-Bike comes with Motorcycle Cover

Repairs (outside of above repairs performed at time of purchase):

-The DynaTek Coils/Wires were a repair as multiple spark plug wires were coming apart/intermittent from the OEM coils at about the time I purchased the bike. Work performed in 2011.
-Fork Seals and Fork Fluid replaced in 2015 (performed by my shop)
-Front & Rear Brake Pads replaced in 2015 (brake wear is very good on this bike as these were the original pads changed in 2015). The brake discs measured well within limits and didn't require replacement.
-Replaced worn exhaust studs and hardware when installing Vance and Hines Pro-Pipe upon installing HD end-cap. Note - hardware exposed to the elements or heat are always anti-seized in order to simplify removal or inhibit corrosion for future work.
-Replaced Headlamp in 2017
-Replaced turn signals bulbs, lenses (switched to clear lenses), hardware, and gaskets related to turn signals in 2015.
-Various hardware and brackets removed and powder coated black due to original paint flaking. Items powder coated: Rear Brake Cylinder Reservoir cover and Exhaust Bracketing.

Mods above are pretty-much "bolt-on", meaning no fabrications or major changes to the frame, engine, or suspension performed. Bike stored garaged, covered, on motorcycle jack, with tires de-pressurized, washed/waxed, and new oil/filter at the end of every season. This bike has been laid down once by the first owner three weeks after original purchase (2002). All relevant repairs performed by original dealership (Belle Plaine Motorsports). No frame impact/damage. Replacement of parts have been performed at time of lay-down: new tank, handlebars, and new paint. I couldn't ask for a better experience for my 10 years with this bike - simple to work on and reliable. Truth be told, the Warrior got me into motorcycling and hasn't disappointed - having the RSW forumers around the entire time absolutely helped take my ownership to the next-level. I have the Yamaha OEM shop manuals in PDF I'll forward to the buyer (though you should probably already have one if you're a member here :)). Along with the Shop Manual, this will include the spare key and receipts, if interested. Questions welcome, thanks!


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Price reduced! Also, if selling through RSW, I'll include my Cobra PowrPro Black. Bought it two years ago at the same time I got the wheels/tires installed - so it has under 500 miles on it. Was planning on selling separately from the bike - making an exception here. :)

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So - bizarre update to this one. In my area (I have this on local Craigslist), I actually had the original owner reach out to me on this and he was interested in buying it back. During the conversation he mentioned that he laid this bike down 3 weeks after purchase. His brother in law didn't mention this to me so this is news that will obviously affect asking price. He confirmed that the repair work was performed by the original dealership. Handlebars, tank, and new paint are the repairs. No frame impact/damage. The shift lever is tweaked. I noticed that it looked a bit odd but the shift peg and foot peg are perfectly parallel so I didn't think much of it. Well, this explains it. This happened more than 15 years ago and there's been no related issues I've seen but asking price dropped and original post updated. Again, let me know if there's any questions. Thanks!
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