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As always, best offers are entertained. Trades are also entertained.

Used set of Bub Chambermaids that came on my wife's bike. They are tarnished/discolored at the tops near the exhaust flange. The tips (which Bub still offers) are starting to peel. I wrapped them on her bike and they look good when wrapped. They have some torque cones in them but I was ordered a set of brand new "quiet baffles" from Bub. The new baffles were $80 and have never been installed. Pipes, mounting hardware, cones, and new quiet baffles included. $100 shipped.

Here is what the pipes looked like wrapped and on the bike.

Used Cobra FI fuel module thingy. It works. I only use PowerCommanders though so I removed it. I don't need it or want it. It actually comes with the instructions and I can take a picture of my wiring harness to show you which wires to wire it into if you want. $50 shipped
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