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quote:Originally posted by independent_lemming

quote:Originally posted by bigbear2592

Dude you got to lay off the caffeine, cause you have the cap lock on (CAPITALS) and you need to use lower case letters and some periods and commas! lol
Welcome to the forum!

[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif] Did you type some thing bigbear.couldnt hear you with all the yelling

Thumper look at the Bub Jug Huggers as a suggestion. Can take out the baffles or leave them in.. Sound great and loud with the baffles.
IT'S PROBABLY FROM HAVING A HARLEY CONSTANTLY GOING POP POP POP IN HIS EARS!! [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif] Welcome to the forum!! I personally like my Speedstar 2-1-2. Idles quite, until you wrap it up and it sounds like a 350 V8 screaming down the highway!! [8D]
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