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Ahhh . . . its time! Here's wassup . . . we got to talking . . . oops!

Scott came right out of the gate asking the question when he said "How does this website always seem to answer our questions?" To paraphrase the rest it was about problems silly and serious and having to do with motorcycles and more. Like stuff for our homes and dogs and even songs we like and anything else any one of us might dream up.

Heff reminded us that to some extent its the little things we all do that makes this place what it is, and that means the people here are what makes this place special. The camaraderie and brotherhood that has been created here is exceptional and shows in so many ways. People here do what they can and it goes way beyond just a motorcycle as Randy reminded us "nobody jumps-in to help expecting some recognition or award, so somehow in the process we all foster the continuation of the whole idea of this forum being what it is."

You know what happens when bikers get to talking about these things, we right away wanted to have some fun sharing it with everyone, and we then right away wanted to find a way to say thank you to the long list of members here who care enough to jump-in and help a little even before knowing if they can help all the way to the fix. At some point we decided that now is a good time to send a thank-you gift to a couple members even if we can't afford to do so for everyone. So we virtually-gathered from around the world to decide how to make it happen, and you guessed it . . . we found a FUN way!

This forum is what it is because of the members who make it what it is, you all know who you are. And we for sure wish our budget was bigger but in fact it will never be big enough and we know its better to do what we can than do nothing at all. So two of the many deserving forum members will soon be receiving a $100 (USD) gift card to a restaurant of their choice. We don't mind saying that our lists went through a number of somewhat painful sessions to be whittled down to the final two, partly by vote and partly by randomness so as Heff put it "everyone should know we feel proud just to be amongst you."

Congratulations to:

LeaderDuece - Road Star Warrior Forum : Yamaha Star Warrior Forums - View Profile: LeaderDuece

rcoligan2 - Road Star Warrior Forum : Yamaha Star Warrior Forums - View Profile: rcoligan2

A note to the winners:
Please check your PM's and reply telling us which restaurant you want a card for!

All our thoughts are joined into this post, its not feasible to quote everything everyone contributed. But one more won't hurt too much, its something HarryMarsh said and it rings in my ears as I cobble this together from the several contributing voices: "This gift card is from warrior brothers like you, for your effort in helping brothers to solve their problems related not only to motorcycles but to every problem they have."

So "Thanks to EVERYONE who jumps-in and helps!"

Tomba, Stellmon, Shadow Warrior, Scawein, Parkinglot, Mike7202,
Heff, HarryMarsch, FlyingDutchman, CaliforniaCruiser, ArizonaWarrior.

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Progress Report:

8-14 at about 9:00 pm: Both are happily thinking about what restaurant to pick!
BET #1:
1A = One will pick a steakhouse. 0.5-to-1
1B = Both will pick a steakhouse. 1-to-1
2A= One will pick seafood and one will pick steakhouse. 1.125-to-1
2B= Neither will pick a steakhouse. 10-to-1
3A= Both will pick a bar/tavern/Inn/similar. 3-to-1
4A= One will pick some oriental and the other will pick vegitarian. 8.625 billion to 1
5A . . . or . . . ????
Vote-up, who will be right . . . not that there's any prize but still who will be right!

8-14 at about 10:15 pm:
rcoligan2 has his gift card receipt/claim document in his grubby hands. Wanna know where he picked? I'm not telling!

8-15 at about 9:00 am:
Waiting for LeaderDuece to send his PM so can buy his gift card, re-sent PM just in case.

8-16 at about 9:00 pm:
Leader has spoken, I'll see if I can get his card headed his way - I sent him a PM with an info request.

8-17 at about 6:00 am:
LeaderDuece's gift card has been ordered, their mailing requires 5-7 days according to website.

8-22 at about 4:30 pm:
LeaderDuece posted-up his card arrived 'yesterday' and he's ready to go do this thing!

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. . . its on the stove and the cooks are stirring, but we need a day to finish because of course something unexpected popped up. :D

More later!
You are a lucky man, I only have one cook (and if she reads this I will be sleeping on the couch and eating baked beans for the next week, because I called her this)

Dutch :cool:
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