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I love this site and I love the people, and I am VERY grateful to Carknee, darkstar, and all the other mods for their selfless efforts and the amazing end product. I have been active on many boards before, and this is the most civilized, most happy, most helpful of the lot 10 years of posting for me. Thanks!!!!

I often blaze through, starting on my own page and cruise through the posts I am interested in or have contributed to. Often I am making a post right after antoher post like 2-3 times in a row. Not always do I ahve top write a book to respond to someone's question, or add feedback to an interesting thread.

I dont know if things have changed recently or if I have just been picking up spped, but tonight I hit "flood-control" like 3 times in 4 posts...

The part that is most agravating is that when I hit back on my browser, all my typed comments are erased. What a PAIN IN THE.....

I would humbly request that flood control be revisited as a setting/policy. Lets face it, if we have a posting member that is spamming, he is likely also trolling and will require moderator/admin intervention regardless if he is able to post more or less than 1 post per full minute. Limiting active members from being able to efficiently use their time on the board just promotes less activity and raises an annoyance factor.

Thanks for the hearing! /emoticons/emotion-1.gif

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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