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I received this a few minutes ago from these guys and thought that the forum bretheren might benefit from the information:

Dear valued customer, we here at South Seattle Sports Plaza are faced with a
dilemma that has us torn between some directions in which we need to move to
further provide you with all your motor-sports needs, first question is, do we
drop our current discount to between 15 and 20 percent like all the other
dealers, giving that extra profit to Google and Yahoo to stay in the top
positions of their search pages? Or do we keep our discount at 27 percent and
cut our expenses on search engines and hope our customers keep spreading the
word to receive the volume of business we need to support that high of a
discount. On Yamaha’s last price update Oct 1st, they not only did a major price
increase but they also dropped the dealers’ profit margins on thousands of
items. One example is the new Star custom wheel kits. The front wheel for a Road
Star, part number 5C7-f54E0-V0-00, retail is 1449.95 and dealer cost is 1087.50.
Our price is 1087.46 on our website. This is like many other accessories items
that have 25% or fewer profit margins and we loose money. But that’s the bad
news. In these times things have increasingly slowed and we are in need your
business and that of your friends now and in the future. So for the good news we
are going to leave the 25% discount on accessories where it is and has been for
the last couple years and increase the parts discount to 30%. We will keep these
prices till February and then change the parts discount to 25% and the
accessories discount to 22%. I would also like to add that right now our Star
inventory is well stocked and we have a lot of items that Yamaha even has on
backorder. Also when ordering parts if you see something that says backorder we
still might be able to get it out of Japan or even have it in stock. If you
order a backorder item and it will be awhile before available, we will contact
you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.


I know I'm going to order my HC pistons from them!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I bought a Yamaha Quick Disconnect Windshield for my Raider from these guys and the locking mechanism did not work properly. I called them and they sent a replacement and a return shipment label. I'll buy from them again.

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Yep, I bought a couple peicesof chrome from to Michigan from Seatle in about 3 days. Everything was in great shape, and their prices are very good.
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