Lightly used, correctly broken in Speedstar cam set. I bought these used as a spare set many years back. I have measured the lobes. They are genuine. They are not brand new, so you’ll see the break-in wear, which is typical for these. They are just sitting on my shelf. Seems a waste when so many people are looking for them.

It’s up to you what you do about valve springs. I don’t have those for sale. I have measured both standard Yamaha, and Speedstar springs. The bind height is virtually the same! There is a difference in spring seat pressure, so the recommended is to use Speedstar or Patrick Racing, but I don’t think that you would damage anything with stock springs unless you want to run prolonged high rpm near the redline.

Price is plus actual shipping. I, unfortunately, don’t have time to figure out safe international shipping, so this sale is limited to US addresses.