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Stalled start and backfiring

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Can anybody direct me into which way to go with this issue? 2008 warrior, monster pro exhaust, Patrick racing air filter kit, ais block off plates, pc5 with dynotune, new battery last year.

After the bike has sat overnight or during a work shift, it stalls while trying to start the bike. Most of the time it's long enough to where I have to try 2-3 times before she actually starts and then it will backfire on me. Quite embarrassing since it happens a lot. If the bike is not warmed up enough (50-60 degree weather) it'll backfire or die on me while riding through first gear or downshifting. Occasionally backfires even during normal riding.

I've read in these posts that Patrick racing says not to spend the money in upgrading the coils or spark plugs because they are already strong enough. I've read about the FI2000 Powerpro Black - 92-1772B Cobra autotuner which sounds like a better option than the pc5. Not sure if it is or not.

What do I try so that I'm not wasting money on pointless upgrades?

Thank you
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May I ask if this has been happening as long as you've had the bike, or if it's new? Also, did it start after a mod or repair?

When you first start the bike when cold does it momentarily idle high on its own then reduce to 850~950 idle rpm on its own?

Are there any codes in the gauge when you shut off the motor using the handlebar off switch? Or is the check engine light illuminating?

This sounds like a sensor or a vacuum issue. Here's a couple help files to get you started toward finding the trouble.

Since you have an intake BAK have a look at the air sensor array:

After that, walk thru the set-up help file and you'll have a win-win because you're likely to stumble across things that will solve it:

Feel free to post pictures of what's under the rider seat and under the top fuel tank. Plus pics of the left right front back so we can see some of the conditions etc. That often helps members see things they suggest checking.
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Thank you for that. I just took everything apart, cleaned filters, checked spark plugs. The picture of the plug was the worst looking one. They all seemed in decent shape.

I can't remember when it started exactly. I think it just got worse as I added it all. I think more so after the VBAK I put in.

Yes that's where it idles after starting it.

No check engine lights or codes.

There is also a slight rich smell while the bike is starting if that means anything.


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