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STAR pocket watch

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Just checked the mail yesterday and found a nice suprise from YAMAHA CANADA. They sent all STAR owners a STAR Motorcycles pocket watch to say sorry for the recall. I haven't read any thing about this on this site so I was wondering if this is just a YAMAHA CANADA thing.
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Does it only go to 11 o'clock because 12 is on backorder? [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
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Figures you nice guys get something.
Yup, got mine.
Anybody see it in the classified's [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif]

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I got mine yesterday it is not that bad of a watch either. Any one in the USA get on at all
Hmmmmm,I guess I better check the mail,EH. LOL.
I got a phone call from a buddy asking me if I'd recived mine, next time I checked the mail it was there. Looks like a Canadian thing.
Yep..I got mine a couple days ago, very nice pocket watch in a leather belt pouch. Hey this is nice, Im not gonna sell it. I have never heard of Harley doing that. In the whole scheme of things, this recall was quite painless for me. Not withstanding a few problems I have heard about, I think Yamaha did pretty good looking after a general rule! I have 3 yamaha bikes and would buy another one tomorrow, if the need arose.
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