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I don't normally take the time to review products, but I liked this one...

It's gotten hot up here in the Northeast. As such, it has gotten a little painful wearing a riding jacket on the way home from work... There is a traffic light in town that usually takes 3 or 4 light changes for me to get through and the road is at the perfect angle such that no shade is available to hide under.

I went searching for a lighter riding jacket and found this one:

It says 'unavailable' but I would assume it will come back rather quickly; I got mine less than two weeks ago for $89.

My review: It seems very well made. The length of the jacket (not the sleeves, the torso section) is pretty short but that makes it comfortable to ride in. I am amazed at how cool this jacket feels! One of the reviews I read said it actually felt cooler than riding in short sleeves... this is what I have found:
- On cool mornings (low 60's) I concur, riding with this jacket somehow feels colder than riding in short sleeves.
- On hot afternoons (high 80's+) this jacket is not as cool as riding in short sleeves. But it is not painful in any way. As long as you are going more than 5 mph you feel cool as the breeze flows right through the mesh.

Last thing; I did take the back foam out of the jacket. I want something to prevent road rash if I ever have to put her down. The back foam piece was very large and felt uncomfortable so I took it out. Other than that, I really love this jacket... I give it two thumbs up!
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