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As soon as you got to a 240 tire or up not only do you have to modify the swingarm but you have to get a wider wheel. Most good machine shops would be able to modify the swingarm as it is not being made wider but one side is being cut out so it needs to really be strengthened. Personally I think it is the wide wheel that is the hardest part of going fat. You can have your stock wheel widened and upsized but there are very few places that do this. You can however purchase wheels made for Harleys already as wide as you want but then you have to worry about changing the bearing size to fit the warrior axle as well as all the spacers and adaptors to fit the wheel properly. If you want to go 240 then there is the raider option which is a doable conversion but you haver to find the raider swingarm and wheel etc. Buying a ready built kit is probably the easiest solution but I realize that the shipping to Australia and any customs duties is very expensive. If you are mechanical minded IMHO the easiest and cheapest solution would be to adapt a harley wheel to a modified swingarm. I am sure there are already large Harley wheels in Australia and like I said a machine shop with qualified aluminum welders could modify your swingarm
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