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immediately, these two companies have combined forces to capitalize on
their mutual strengths. These companies have operated as allies for many
Their management teams are familiar with each other, having worked together in the past co-developing technologies
and sharing product designs. This merger allows these two successful,
non-competing forces to capitalize upon their individual strengths for
this collective opportunity.

Our mutual hope
and plan is for this merger to be as seamless as possible for our
customers. We will capitalize on the strength of the L.A.
Choppers brand in the Harley-Davidson arena
and the
Baron Custom
Accessories brand in the world of metric motorcycles.
Henceforth, all Harley products will be marketed under L.A. Choppers,
while all Metric products will be marketed under Baron Custom Accessories.

consolidations began Feb. 6th and are expected to be completed by March
2009. Please accept
our apologizes for any temporary inconveniences this merger may cause.
Every effort to minimize production and shipping delays has,
and will continue to be made. However please be advised that temporary
delays may occur.

manufacturing, assembly and distribution of products will be consolidated
into a new Huntington Beach, CA facility, while design, R&D,
marketing and
sales for both
brands will operate from the Fallbrook, CA

New interactive
products and services are currently in development and will begin rolling
out in the next few weeks.

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im still waiting in my baron raisers.....

the orde rhas been delayed another week now.. to be shipped on march 9 .... well... lets wait... nothing else we can do..

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more of this is sure come
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