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Electric cars have become extremely popular in recent years. Thanks to advances in technology and an increase in charging stations, electric vehicles are a lot more practical than they used to be. That said, there are still some drawbacks and many people are hesitant to go out and purchase one. Some cities seem to be a lot better than others when it comes to owning an electric vehicle. The west coast in particular is ideal for electric car owners because of the number of charging stations. But we’re starting to see cities in other parts of the country catching on as well. As electric cars continue to grow in popularity, the demand for charging stations will increase which will in turn lead to even more electric vehicles on the road. According to Chargepoint, the operator of the largest electric vehicle charging network, the following ten cities are rated the best for electric car owners. They are ranked in order by the number of electric vehicles and charging stations. They are:

1. San Francisco, CA.

2. Los Angeles, CA.

3. Seatle, WA.

4. San Diego, CA

5. Honolulu, HI

6. Austin, TX

7. Detroit, MI

8. Atlanta, GA

9. Denver, CO

10.Portland, OR

It’s not surprising to see San Francisco at the top of the list. In reality, the entire bay area is ideal for electric car owners thanks to the large number of electric cars on the road and the prevalence of charging stations. As you can see from the list, many Californians are opting for electric vehicles to get around the city. Three of the ten cities on the list are in California and five of the ten are located on the west coast. So while the west coast continues to lead the electric vehicle trend, the fact that cities like Denver, Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, and Honolulu are on the top ten list suggests that the nation as a whole might finally be ready to give up their gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric ones.

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